December 13, 2009

3 Envelope Roast

This recipe and photo came from the real mom kitchen blog. A link to this blog is on my blog list.

3 Envelope Roast
3 pound beef roast (such as chuck roast)
1 envelope of dry Italian salad dressing mix
1 envelope of dry ranch salad dressing mix
1 envelope of dry brown gravy mix
2 cups water
Put the water in a measuring cup that is larger then the amount of water you are using. Now add and mix all three envelopes of dry salad dressings to the water. Mix until blended completely. Add the meat to your cooker. Pour the water, salad dressing mixture over the roast. In the slow cooker cook it on high for about 4 hours on low about 8 hours.
**Use the liquid in the crock pot to make gravy. I just lifted the roast out of the crock pot and to this liquid added 2 tbs. flour and 1tsp. beef bouillon. Mix well. Return roast to crock pot and cook on high for about 15 minutes to finish the gravy.


Jen: 8
Kile: 8
Kiley: too sick to eat =(

Madee: roast: 6 gravy: 9
Destrie: Good

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