January 14, 2011

Hot Cocoa Bar

A blog I read-"Your Home Based Mom", shared this idea for  a Hot Cocoa Bar. My kids have been loving hot cocoa for years and one of our new favorite things to do is buy flavored creamer to add to our hot cocoa.There are so many flavors of creamer, that it is going to take us awhile to try all of them!  For those of you out there who may be trying to count calories, Swiss Miss makes a "Diet" hot cocoa powder that has only 25 calories when made with water.  Add a little creamer to this and it is delicious!
  I hosted Bunco at my house last week and I set up a Hot Cocoa Bar.  I had several creamers, marshmallows, whipping cream, kit kats, and candy canes for stirring.  I also set out glazed donuts and donut holes-(powdered and cinnamon and sugar) for dipping.  It turned out good and was very yummy. 

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