March 21, 2011

Menu Planning Monday

Last week I never made it to the store to do an official shopping trip for the week.  I had most everything I needed at home to make my recipes.  I did make a couple quick trips to the store to grab milk and one or two other things that were on sale-Lee's had a meal deal coupon where you could get a pizza, carton of ice cream and a 2 liter of pop for $5.  We grabbed 3 of those to have on hand.  3 meal deals, milk, and a few various items put my spending for the week at $26.  Not bad!
I am on a money saving mission again this week, so I will be trying to use recipes that call for ingredients I already have on hand.  Here's a look at what we will be eating this week:

Chicken Enchiladas
Sandwiches/Chips/Veggies with Dip
Hamburgers/Potato Wedges
Caribbean Grilled Steak/Potato Halves
Breakfast for Dinner

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