March 28, 2011

Menu Planning Monday

I am not a fan of grocery shopping.  Once again, I spent the week trying to avoid the grocery store because I simply was not in the mood.  We didn't starve this week, as we ate from the freezer and the pantry.  I did have to pick up a couple items at the store, but I failed to keep my receipts.  Best guess on how much on how much I spent this past week is probably around $30.  My lack of desire to go grocery shopping is saving me lots of money!  Here is a look at what we are eating this week:

Red and White Pasta-Ya, we are having it again-the girls can't get enough!

Teriyaki Chicken Noodle Bowl

Chicken Strips/Tater Tots

Glazed Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf/Potato Cakes/Veggies

Sausage and Pancake Strata

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