May 1, 2010

Easy Mexican Dip

This recipe is one I adapted from Our Best Bites Blog- (link is on the side)
The original recipe called for sausage, but I figured I may as well be resourceful and use ground beef, which I have plenty of in my freezer-thanks dad and mom!

1 lb.ground beef
1 packet McCormick cheesy taco seasoning
3/4 milk

1 8-oz. package cream cheese-cut in to chunks
1 c. salsa

green onions

Brown the ground beef and drain the fat if necessary. Add the taco seasoning and 3/4 cup milk as per package directions. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 8 to 10 minutes. Add the cream cheese and salsa to the pan and heat through. To serve, garnish the dip with thinly sliced green onions. Serve with tortilla chips.

Rate It!
Jen: 8
Kile: 8
Kiley: 7.5
Madee: 7.5
Destrie: Good

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