January 13, 2010

Kiley's Beef Stroganoff

This is not a "new" recipe, I have been making it for years. We had it for dinner last night, so I thought I would post it. I am calling it "Kiley's Beef Stroganoff" because she loves it. When she was 4 years old and in preschool, she was asked to bring her favorite food to share with her preschool class. She asked me to come to preschool and make beef stroganoff for her preschool friends! Kiley requests this meal often. Kiley and I really like it, but the rest of the family only "ish" like it.

1 lb gound beef (cooked)
1 -10.5 oz can cream of mushroom soup
1- 10.5 oz can beef consome soup
1- 16 oz. sour cream
salt and pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a pot and heat until combined.
Serve over rice.

Rate it!!

Jen: 9
Kile: 6.5
Kiley: 10
Madee: 4
Destrie: ok- he will eat it.

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