January 14, 2010

Nothing today folks...Sorry

I had originally decided that Thursday would be new recipe at our house.
1) because I am done with my work week on Thursday.
2) a scheduled day to try new recipes...FUN!!

Last Thursday, I made Orange Scented Carrot Soup and Tuna/Bread Salad. I knew I was going out on a limb...and that my family probably wouldn't like it, but I wanted to be adventurous. These recipes came from the show $10 dollar dinners, on Food Network. Long story short- no one cared for them, so I decided not to post them here.
Fast forward to this Thursday, I was going to be gone for several hours, so I choose a recipe that I could put in the oven and it would be ready when I got home. I made Oven Baked Pot Roast w/ Carrots and potatoes. After just finishing dinner... I am not impressed. The veggies were ok, but the meat was tough. I will not be posting this recipe either.
I just wanted to tell everyone out there that the only way to cook a roast is in the slow cooker. It will come out moist and delicious every time.
Hopefully next Thursday I will have made something that is worth posting.

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