September 14, 2010

Creamy Chicken Crockpot Tacos

Recipe and photos from Jamie Cooks it Up- a new website I just found that I really like!

5 FROZEN chicken breasts

1 1/2 C salsa
2 cans cream of chicken soup
2 1/2 T taco seasoning
1 T maple syrup
1 t lime juice
1 T butter
1/2 C sour cream

1. Spray the inside of your crock pot with cooking spray and place the FROZEN chicken breasts inside.
2. In a small mixing bowl stir together all other ingredients except the butter and sour cream.
3. Pour the sauce over the top of the chicken. Cover and cook on high for 4 hours, or on low for 7-8 hours.
4. Take the chicken out of the crock and onto a plate. Shred it all up with a fork and put it back in.
5. Add the little pat of butter and the sour cream, stir it all around until incorporated.
6. Cook one more hour.

Serve over Tortilla chips or Tortillas. Top with tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce, perhaps a little cilantro, sliced avocado.

*We had ours on tortillas.
Rate It!
Jen: 9
Kile: 9.5
Kiley: 8
Madee: 7.5
Destrie: good! He said,"Make this for my lunch and dinner every day!"


  1. This looks delicious. I may have to buy a crockpot to try it out!

  2. You should get a crockpot! Crockpot recipes are my favorite and they are so easy and yummy. That gives me an idea... I sense a Crockpot week of recipes coming up!